Welcome to EC2016 Symposium!

Entertainment Computing Symposium 2016 (EC2016) is a Japanese domestic annual symposium about enteratainment computing and its related research areas. EC2016 is held by SIGEC on IPSJ (Information Processing Society Japan), and will have about 80+ non-refereed presentations/demos and about 200+ participants in every year. Many of presentations are shown by demo, because the essence of the EC research can cleary be understood by experiencing it. Moreover, such demos are open in public for gathering end-user opinions for the researches.

EC2016 will be scheduled from 12th November to 14th November. On 12th EC2016 has only the demo session at GrandFront Osaka EventLab. at the Center of Osaka City. On 13th and 14th, oral sessions will be planned at Soai University Hommachi Campus. The theme of EC2016 is “Let’s draw the map of entertainment”.

EC and ACE

In this year, EC2016 will be held in Osaka, and its demo session will be co-located by ACE 2016 Creative Showcases, the demo session of International Conferences on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology. Of course, all the demos both in EC2016 and ACE2016 are open, so you can experience world-wide innovative entertainment technologies of the future in one time.
All sessions in EC2016 are in Japanese, but we are planning to have some student volunteers for English-Japanese translation, only at the demo session on 12th. No oral-session translation is available.
For further information, please see: http://ec2016.entcomp.org/ (in Japanese).